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Prenatal Multi DHA 60 MG

Prenatal Multi DHA 60 MG


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Prenatal Multi DHA 60 MG

Support supplementing DHA, vitamins and minerals needed by the body. Support to enhance health, reduce fatigue for women before, during pregnancy and lactation.

Element :

  1. Fish Oil (DHA 200mg, EPA 50mg) 500mg,
  2. Iron (III) pyrophosphate 100mg
  3. Calcium gluconate 50mg
  4. Zinc sulfate 37mg, magnesium oxide 35mg, Copper sulfate 2.5mg, Manganese sulfate 2.7mg.
    vitamin A 2000UI, Thiamin (vitamin B1) 1.5mg, Riboflavin (vitamin B2) 2mg, Folic Acid (vitamin B9) 800 mcg, Vitamin B12 3mcg,  Vitamin B3 18mg,  vitamin B5 6mg, Vitamin B6 2mg,   Vitamin C 30mg,  vitamin D3 200IU, vitamin E 10IU, Potassium iodide 274 mcg.
  5. Selenium Yeast 1000ppm 30mcg
  6. Biotin 30mcg

How to use:

Drink 1 time a day, 1 capsule each time, after eating.

User object:

Women before, during pregnancy and lactation need additional vitamins and minerals.

Note: not for people who are sensitive to any of the ingredients in the product. This food is not a medicine, it is not a substitute for medicine.

Registration number: 688/2021/Registration number:

Tablet weight: 1500mg

Manufacturer:  AMTEX PHARMA Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company

Distributor: HMD Pharma Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company

Dimensions 15.5 x 9 x 5.5cm

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