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Mask Care (Blue, white, gray, black, purple) - Công ty cổ phần Samaki Power

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Mask Care (Blue, white, gray, black, purple)

Mask Care (Blue, white, gray, black, purple)


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General description:  The product includes 3 white colors; green; Gray, the outside is printed with the brand name Samaki Power


Layer 1: The non-woven fabric layer is 25-30gsm.

Layer 2: Non-woven fabric, non-absorbent 25gsm.

Grade 3: Antibacterial paper meets BFE standard ≥ 95%.

Layer 4: 30gsm quantitative microfiltration layer.

Strap: Soft elastic band, sewn at the 4 corners of the mask.

Nose splint: 100% pure PVC


BEF air filtration efficiency: ≥ 95%

Pressure differential: < 60 pA/cm2

Blood penetration resistance: 160mmHg

Microbial cleanliness: ≤ 30 cfu/g

Flame spread level: Level 1

Standard: According to FDA, CE, ISO 13485:2016 standards


– Do not touch the two sides of the product with your hands to avoid contamination

– Product can be used only once

– Use only when the packaging is intact, not dirty, wet or damaged

Preserved in dry, cool place

Manufacturer and distributor

Samaki Power Joint Stock Company