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GASTZYM stomach nuggets 15 packs x 4.5g

GASTZYM stomach nuggets 15 packs x 4.5g


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The product is a combination of oriental medicine and western medicine, so it is fast and most sensitive for people with stomach and duodenal ulcers.


– Eye-catching design, suitable for the market, packaging suitable for dosage (5 days of use)

– Dosage is 1 pack / time, 3 times a day suitable for many users.

– About the ingredients: It is necessary to clearly state the use of a combination of western and eastern medicine

+ New ingredients to help neutralize gastric acid quickly such as: Aluminum hydroxide, Magnesium hydroxide.

Simethicone ingredient helps to solve the problems of belching, heartburn, and acid reflux effectively, the content of 40mg used 3 packs/day is suitable even for young children.

The product is supplemented with Lactobacillus acidophilus bacteria to help balance the intestinal microflora due to the process of alcohol consumption causing stomach ulcers and loss of intestinal microflora.

Nano Curcumin helps reduce pain, anti-inflammatory for a healthy stomach.

+ Traditional herbal ingredients with a combination of folk remedies: O Thiet bone, lime pot, bay leaf, night cam, licorice, lotus heart to help calm the stomach, warm the stomach, help adjust the pH in the stomach, reduce colds burning sensation, abdominal distension.

Green tea is a rare medicinal herb that effectively inhibits HP bacteria.

The product uses oriental medicine with a bitter taste, the user is likely to be constipated, but the product has the addition of Inulin, Immunepath to help solve the problem of constipation effectively.

– Competitors:

+ Pitcher (heart medicine): counter price 4,600 VND/pack

+ Curmin Nano (medicine mind): Counter price 5,000 VND/pack

+ An Da (Interphar): counter price 4,300 VND/pack: easy-to-drink product

Evaluation of company products: Effective, beautiful design, suggested selling price 6,000 VND/pack

Dimensions: 11 x 8 x7 cm

Weight. 100g