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Brosuvon 8mg (en)

Brosuvon 8mg (en)

Danh mục:


Drug formula ingredients:

Medicinal ingredients:

– Bromhexin hydrochloride 8mg

Excipient composition:

– Glycerin sorbitol 70%, sodium benzoate, tartric acid, sodium saccharin, sodium CMC, fruit flavor, fresh red vegetables, pure water just enough 5ml

In mode: Syrup


– Managerial exudative disorders, acute anti-steostea, acute resistance of anti-steward

– Antibiotic adjuvant for severe respiratory toxicity.

Usage, ban on use

– Adults and children over 10 years old: 5ml / time, 3 times a day

– Children 5-10 years old: 5ml / time, 2 times a day

– Children 2-5 years old: 2.5ml / time, 2 times a day

Or as prescribed by a doctor

Package size:

– Box of 1 bottle of 50ml

Storage conditions

– Cool dry place, temperature below 30 degrees Celsius, avoid light


– 24 Months from production date