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Policy & Terms

Welcome and thank you for choosing to use the service of SAMAKI POWER. By using the website and products related to SAMAKI POWER, it means that you have accepted and agreed to be legally bound, and comply with the operating regulations and terms of use of the website.

Accept and agree to the terms of use

SAMAKI POWER reserves the right to change and supplement the operating rules and terms of use on the website and related products at any time. The user is responsible for updating and monitoring the latest changes on the SAMAKI POWER website. If you do not agree with the latest changes, you have the right to request to stop using your account at the website and related products of SAMAKI POWER.

Your account on SAMAKI POWER is not used for trading, trading for commercial purposes.

Create account and security mode

When registering to participate in SAMAKI POWER, please:

Provide accurate and complete information according to the registration form of SAMAKI POWER.
Maintain and update the latest information and changes accurately and completely.

Inaccuracies of the information you provide may prevent you from taking full advantage of the products and services SAMAKI POWER offers. In some special cases, SAMAKI POWER reserves the right to refuse to provide you with services and to suspend your account at present and in the future if the information you provide is incorrect or SAMAKI POWER have reason to doubt the truthfulness of the information you provide.

We will not use your personal information without your permission. You can rest assured that when you provide information to SAMAKI POWER, your information is always completely confidential. Your information is only used for the purpose of sending you notifications about movies, promotions… SAMAKI POWER commits not to disclose your information to a third party without consent, except as required by law.

The right to access and use the account is reserved for authorized individuals only. Any intentional unauthorized access can be prosecuted.

Problems arise

When you have used the services of SAMAKI POWER, you accept that some problems may arise during the access process, and agree that SAMAKI POWER and its related partners will not be liable for any such loss or damage. loss, damage occurs directly or indirectly while accessing the website and related products, when downloading data, not excluding damage caused by viruses, impacts affecting computer systems , telephone lines, damage to hardware and software programs, and obstacles to computer lines or network connections.

User opinions, comments, disputes

SAMAKI POWER is not responsible for screening, editing or monitoring the content posted by users to the website and related products, and cannot guarantee the accuracy of these opinions and comments. If receiving information about violations, harm or illegality, SAMAKI POWER reserves the right to investigate the above allegations to verify, and has the right to decide to terminate service provision to the member who violates these regulations. terms of use.

Although there are regulations mentioned above, but SAMAKI POWER as well as related individuals and groups cannot guarantee to be able to immediately edit or remove infringing content. Just as we are not responsible for the content posted by users on SAMAKI POWER. At the same time, you are also responsible for the relationship between you and other users. SAMAKI POWER reserves the right, but not the obligation, to monitor disputes between users.

Stop providing service

SAMAKI POWER is not responsible for the content posted by members and will provide these content to the competent authorities in case of necessity.

* SAMAKI POWER ensures priority settlement of interests of customers and partners in case SAMAKI POWER stops working.


The information posted on SAMAKI POWER is provided to you and without warranty of any kind, SAMAKI POWER makes no warranties or liability for the accuracy, authenticity, reliability of the use or results of using these data. SAMAKI POWER strives to update all information in a timely manner, but we do not guarantee that the current contents are the most current or accurate.

All information, including content, software, data… posted on the website and related products of SAMAKI POWER are copyrighted by SAMAKI POWER, you can download and use. But such content is not owned by you, so we strictly prohibit buying, selling, distributing, cracking, copying, modifying or using any content without SAMAKI POWER’s consent.

Users can use information owned by SAMAKI POWER to share online, provided that the source and owner of the information must be clearly cited.

Owner’s Copyright

SAMAKI POWER is the copyright holder of the website and related products. SAMAKI POWER reserves the right to edit, change, rearrange the website content and related products. Editing, changing, rearranging or re-using these contents without SAMAKI POWER’s consent is a violation of SAMAKI POWER’s legal rights.

SAMAKI POWER has always respected the intellectual property of others, and we ask our users to do the same. We always try to ensure that the data on the website and related products are legal, but we cannot be sure that we can control all information on the website and related products. When detecting any copyright infringement on the website and related products, the Management Board will remove such content from the website as quickly as possible.

Linked Websites

Except for the content on the website and related products of SAMAKI POWER, we do not directly or indirectly manage the linked websites. SAMAKI POWER does not cooperate, sponsor, endorse or merge with such websites, unless such cooperation is expressly disclosed. When accessing SAMAKI POWER, we hope you can understand that SAMAKI POWER does not control, manage linked sites and is not responsible for the content of any linked websites.

Stop using the service

You may stop using your account at any time by notifying the Administration of SAMAKI POWER. You will receive a confirmation e-mail and your account will be deactivated within 2 business days. You will be responsible for all costs incurred (if any) until the account is deactivated.

SAMAKI POWER may discontinue service to your account if you fail to comply with any of SAMAKI POWER’s terms of use.