At Samaki Power, We always appreciate the human factor. Currently, the company’s personnel has reached 90 members. All staffs are working in a professional, dynamic and united environment. Moreover, we create job opportunities for unskilled workers, who are well-trained and directly participate in the mask production process at the company’s factory. Team leading Samaki Power are all pharmacists who have all the factors of “Mind-Tai-Tai-Duc”, with high professional qualifications, extensive experience in business, good organizational and management capacity.

Pharmacist Vương Lê Vĩnh Nhân

Chairman of the board

Master of Pharmacist
Phạm Thái Hưng

Member of management Council

With more than 15 years of working experience in the field of Medicine and Pharmacy, I wish to work with Samaki Power to provide the best quality medical products at a reasonable cost, contributing to the protection and improvement of public health, thereby fulfilling commitments with employees and shareholders of the company.