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Jade Forest Capital poured 100 million USD into FundGo startup investment fund

Jade Forest Capital poured 100 million USD into FundGo startup investment fund

During Binance Blockchain Week in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, representatives of Jade Forest Capital and FundGo met and discussed the pros and cons of the Vietnamese market. The two sides have reached an agreement worth up to USD 100 million to support blockchain startups in Vietnam as well as issue certificates of investment Ethereum to popularize digital asset investment in this country.

The new partnership intends to provide “financial” support and advice to early-stage visionary founders. Sharing the same mission of promoting and investing in blockchain projects that develop in the industry and create positive impacts on society, Jade Forest Capital and FundGo mainly target pioneers and foreign investors. high growth potential.

Both funds have always appreciated ambitious companies with founders looking to scale a company with global credentials and capabilities.

According to Tung Nguyen, CEO of Jade Forest Capital, the partnership with FundGo will allow the fund to quickly explore lucrative opportunities in Vietnam, one of the fastest growing markets in Southeast Asia.

Meanwhile, Eric Vuong, CEO of FundGo, said that Jade Forest Capital is very experienced in investing in this field. FundGo is very focused on investing in blockchain projects in Vietnam.

Both believe this is an important time for this sector in Vietnam in particular and in Asia in general, where there are high-quality startups and SMEs ready for investment and investment. develop to the next level.

This strategic partnership promises to bring benefits not only to both parties but also to potential projects as well as the global development of the blockchain sector in Vietnam.

The new Fundgo startup investment fund was launched at the end of March and is managed by TRUSTpay, chaired by Mr. Eric Vuong. Fundgo signed an investment agreement with 7 innovative start-ups, including: LiveTrade Company, HanaGold Jewelry Joint Stock Company, Phu Sa Biochemistry Company Limited, Samaki Power Joint Stock Company, Bitback project, Bami Pawn Shop project and Hesman project.

Jade Forest Capital, although just launched in August 2021, the fund has decades of experience in the financial and cryptocurrency markets. The fund is currently focusing on crypto-assets, with priority given to early-stage projects that are highly applicable to real-world problems.

In addition, potential projects in the areas of DeFi, GameFi, NFTs and entertainment are among the new stars in Jade Forest’s list of investments. These are the areas that are blossoming and are attracting the attention of investors globally, attracting a large number of new entrants to the crypto market in 2021.

In addition to its wide applicability in many industries, blockchain technology is also considered a fertile ground for the Vietnamese startup ecosystem. In the past few years, the Vietnamese government has become more and more open to modern technologies, in which blockchain is a top priority.

Several reputable reports have identified Vietnam as one of the strongest markets with high blockchain adoption and millions of potential institutional and individual investors. However, this huge amount of capital is being poured into foreign projects while domestic projects are struggling to survive in the fierce competition.

Therefore, the investment deal between Jade Forest Capital and FundGo is expected to help the blockchain startup market in Vietnam further explode in the near future.

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