Samaki Power Joint Stock Company was established in 2019 in Vietnam. We are a team of highly qualified Pharmacists with many years of experience in the pharmaceutical business and market development, a leading enterprise specializing in the production and distribution of high quality medical masks. , pharmaceuticals and healthcare products on a global scale. 

Samaki Power’s exclusive factory has a quality standard system that is ISO 9001 certified. Holds the advantage of production scale, closed production process, modern machinery and equipment and a powerful workforce. After that, we always ensure the ability to supply health care products, especially medical masks, to medical facilities and business agents throughout Vietnam and the world.

Products from Samaki Power are always strictly controlled from quality to finished packaging, certified

–  Registered with the US FDA for medical masks

–  ISO 13485:2016 Medical Device Safety Management System

–  CE Marking – European Standard.

Samaki Power means “Unity creates success”, we are honored and look forward to cooperating with businesses in all fields related to healthcare as a distributor and exporter. Pages, pharmaceuticals on demand.


We understand that health is the beginning of a good life. With the mission of protecting public health, all the medical products we bring are always prioritized in terms of quality and consumer friendliness.


Giá trị cốt lỗi


  • By 2025, to become a leading strong enterprise in the production and distribution of medical equipment, pharmaceuticals and health care products in Vietnam.
  • Expanding the retail market on the e-commerce system, helping consumers easily access products.
  • Not limited to Vietnam market, we always try to bring Samaki Power branded products to major markets around the world such as Europe, USA, Japan and Southeast Asian countries.
  • Application of Blockchain technology in operating-production.


Samaki Power always emphasizes the human element; create conditions for employees to work in a professional, dynamic and united environment, with many opportunities for personal development.

The team leading Samaki Power are all Pharmacists who have all the elements of “Mind-Talent-Duc”, with high professional qualifications, extensive experience in business, good organizational and management capacity.