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Khmer businessman comes up from hardship

Khmer businessman comes up from hardship

Coming from a poor Khmer farmer family in Cau Ke district, Tra Vinh province, businessman Chung Minh, Director of Samaki Power Joint Stock Company, which operates in the pharmaceutical and entertainment fields, is really an example. overcoming difficulties to get rich, asserting its position in the market, and being respected by many people in the business world.

Pursuing medicine because I want to help the poor

As a private person, in meetings with the press,  businessman Chung Minh rarely talks about revenue and profit in production and business of his company. But, if you look at the whole and objective view of Samaki Power Joint Stock Company’s operation from its inception until now, anyone can see that under his enthusiastic management, the Company is growing day by day. develop. The proof is that in recent years, Chung Minh’s company has been investing in many fields, with many promising and feasible projects.

From that burning dream, Chung Minh passed the entrance exam to the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh. And even as a student, he always followed closely the pharmaceutical industry activities of the City. In particular, during the internship period, he was fortunate to have a teacher let him stay and help with the pharmaceutical business at the Pharmaceutical Trade Center of Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh. After graduating from school, Chung Minh continued to work as an employee at this Pharmaceutical Trade Center, which gave him more or less experience during that time. In 2008, he boldly established Samaki Power Joint Stock Company.

Explaining the meaning of Samaki Power, Chung Minh said, the Khmer word  Samaki  means “unity”, and the English word  Power  means “strength”, solidarity will create strength. Up to now, he has 13 years of experience with the pharmaceutical industry, reaping many successes such as: Building a chain of general clinics and hospitals, raising funds for poor patients; supporting poor and studious students; pharmaceutical distribution, wholesale of drugs, testing chemicals, pharmaceutical chemicals, medicinal materials, medical equipment; invest in technology solutions in the field of healthcare…

In the past few months, before the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic in Ho Chi Minh City. In Ho Chi Minh City and southern provinces and cities, Chung Minh’s Samaki Power Joint Stock Company has invested in a machine to produce antibacterial medical masks and imported more than 10 tons of raw materials to produce nearly 50 boxes of products per day. . All masks produced are to provide free, support to businesses and units in need. Special priority is given to hospitals, doctors, soldiers on the front lines of the fight against the epidemic and poor people in many localities throughout the country.

Not only doing business in the main fields of pharmaceuticals and medical equipment, in recent years, Chung Minh has also invested in media and entertainment such as:   Organizing and producing TV programs video, gameshow, TVC advertising; buying, selling, producing and investing in movies. Especially, in the role of Film Production Director, with his first film “House in the Alley” gave him a new passion, which is the 7th passion of art which is very challenging and not so much fun. few easy.

Difficult childhood

Today’s success always reminds Chung Minh of his difficult childhood days. He said that, as the youngest child in a family of 7 siblings, although the family was poor, the economic life was difficult, but since childhood, Chung Minh was luckier than his brothers and sisters to go to school.

“During the five months of going to high school, I had to study while helping my family with housework. At that time, after going to class in the morning, after lunch after school, I went to the field to herd cows, when I grew up a little, I went fishing to earn more shrimp and fish to improve the family meal. Although hard work, but for me going to school is an incomparable joy. Moreover, my father was always there to encourage me, so I was very eager to go to school. My father said: “My family is poor, only the way of successful education can have a future and hope to get out of poverty. Although my father was just a farmer, he was always aware that learning was the cause to change his life, “Chung Minh shared.

When Chung Minh had just graduated from high school in his hometown, when his father died of illness, he was sent by his mother to a Khmer temple in Can Tho to study for university exams. Always remembering his father’s advice and not disobeying his mother at the temple door, Chung Minh devoted all his energy to studying for exams well to be determined to make his burning dream come true, that is, to go to university, even though he knew his son. The road ahead will be tough.

However, that year, the Khmer guy Chung Minh only had enough points to enter the pre-university course. In misfortune, there was luck, it was the pre-university year that helped Chung Minh consolidate his knowledge of subjects more firmly, especially orienting and choosing his profession clearly. . Thanks to that, the following year, Chung Minh passed the entrance exam to the University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh.

Recalling the first years he stepped foot in the city, Chung Minh still cannot forget the difficulties that a poor student boy and son of a poor family experienced. “My mother is very poor, there is no money to send to her children. In order to have money, I had to work as a hired laborer. I still remember my first job as a lifeguard at Dam Sen water park. I was paid 40,000 VND/day and had a lunch, which for me at that time was a huge amount of money. Later on, I also participated in many jobs, on Tet there was a Spring Flower Festival, I asked to take care of their goods, and on New Year’s Day I also took advantage of working part-time. That’s why, during my university years, I never went back to my hometown to celebrate the reunion with my family”, Chung Minh once shared with the media.

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