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District 3 Health department conference

District 3 Health department conference

Samaki Power comes to conference to introduce the company’s focus direction and goals in the near future.

Samaki Power factory is built in 2019 on an area of 2000m2 located in Nha Be. Designed with a close-system production with modern automation machinery. Isolated packing area, complying with the 1-way travel rule to ensure safety and hygiene to ISO 13485: 2016 and CE standard. Storage is at optimal temperature and humidity to create the safest conditions for all products. From the early stages of the Covid-19 pandemic to present, the company has constantly improved and diversified mask lines. Besides, Samaki Power also became the exclusive distributor for a number of functional foods and antibiotics.

Samaki in Vietnamese means unity. Therefore, Samaki Power members always strive to improve the importance of disease prevention and provide quality products.

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